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wayawolfcoin WayaWolfCoin (WW)

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WayaWolfCoin قیمت فعلی $0.000715 با سقف بازار نامشخص است. قیمت آن در 24 ساعت گذشته 103.93% بالا است.

The Crypto-coin for Online Stores Payments and Services. Our Goal: WE HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE A NEW COIN THAT HAS BENEFITS. Namely buying items in the maketplace at Cryptopia listed by certain members. One online store has already agreed to take WayaWolfCoin as a form of payment. One major goal is to make the coin a source of payment for online stores and services. We are striving to build a community around this coin to serve the needs of online commerce. WayaWolfCoin had a fair launch with no premine and is pure Proof of Work.
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