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mongo-coin MONGO Coin (MONGOCM)

2.20% (24 ساعته)
مارکت کپولومعرضه در دسترس
نامشخص$106.45نامشخص MONGOCM

MONGO Coin قیمت فعلی $0.514 با سقف بازار نامشخص است. قیمت آن در 24 ساعت گذشته 2.20% بالا است.

MONGOCOIN was 3 years in the making and launched in 2018. MONGOCOIN was created by the Senior VP and his team from “powered by ZOMONGO”. The “Z” TEAM saw the opportunity and need to bring an UBER BLOCKCHAIN REWARDS platform, into the already established “powered by ZOMONGO” eco system. MONGOCOIN has developed the solution to track the spending of advertising dollars through to physical store front sales, by creating the MONGOcm “utility” coin. That can be used and reimbursable at select retailers, restaurants, musical, entertainment, and sporting/music events. Including accessibility to acquired and traded MONGOcm on exchanges. By utilizing our interactive app technology, MONGO users have adopted and benefited from our digital blockchain rewards platform. MONGO has been able to interact in the daily life of consumers, merchants and events, making MONGOCOIN residing in the “powered by ZOMONGO APP.” The premier social advertising platform for dining, shopping, attending events, and much more.
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