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crowdfunding-2020 Crowdfunding-2020 (ICOC)

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نامشخص$15.410نامشخص ICOC

Crowdfunding-2020 قیمت فعلی $8.870 با سقف بازار نامشخص است. قیمت آن در 24 ساعت گذشته 0.00% بالا است.

A business executive submits a development project for his company to Internet users for a funding requirement of 1,000 to 5 million euros. The latter purchases the 1% of the sum requested in ICOC Token (purchase value 0.01 Ether / 1.92 €). The smart Contract provides for the creation of tokens for each project at a fixed price of 0.01 Ether, regardless of the market value of the ICOC token. Internet users or communities invest in this business. The latter returns 1% of ICOC tokens in lieu of interest, taking a share of the capital, reimbursement ...
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