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قیمت لحظه ای و نمودار ارز دیجیتال FinanceX Exchange Token

financex-exchange-token FinanceX Exchange Token (FNXS)

-21.75% (24 ساعته)
مارکت کپولومعرضه در دسترس
نامشخص$14.100نامشخص FNXS

FinanceX Exchange Token قیمت فعلی $0.00125 با سقف بازار نامشخص است. قیمت آن در 24 ساعت گذشته -21.75% پایین است.

FinanceXSTO is one of the project provided by Next Generation Exchange Ltd. (hereinafter FinanceX). We issue Security Token Offerings (STO) named FNXS based on FinanceX’s assets including Blockchain services and products with the key in our development strategy in 2018 - 2025 is FinanceX exchange. FinanceX is a world-class digital asset that provides the ability to trade with any local currencies (Fiat) in a fast and convenient way in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific countries.
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10 FinanceX Exchange Token (FNXS)

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